Immerse yourself in inspirational ambience
for creative writing. It’s your journal. It’s
your diary.It’s your log book.

With luscious themes and a gentle alarm, The Dream Log is your 21st century wordsmithing tool, ready to capture your wildest dreams.

“I’m always looking to write down my ideas, after all, thoughts without words never to heaven ascend. That’s why I keep paper on every surface in my house. Thanks to The Dream Log on my new iPad, I can rest assured my thoughts will be heaven-bound, and my home less cluttered.
~ F. Bob Tafel

We chromatically calibrated The Dream Log for low-light scenarios, crafting Neptunian depths that invite you to capture your most visionary imaginings. When you open your eyes, you’ll find a mid-tone vista that doesn’t overwhelm your senses with brightness. This helps you to more readily switch foci between inner and outer vision.


Whether dreams, thoughts, visions, honing your voice takes practice. Many creative people find writing every morning aids in this pursuit. Other consciousness explorers such as Jung recommend transcribing dreams regularly. With The Dream Log, you can set one of thirteen enchanting chimes to wake you from sleep and get you writing. Or set a short period to hone your skill by writing for at least fifteen minutes every day.


The Dream Log also features tools appropriate to its home on the iPad. Of course you can search for entries. You can also share your dreams on the web, via email or print. You can view your writing in just about any of the fonts included with your iPad.* And best of all, these tools are delightfully ensconced in animatronic shelves that don’t distract when not in use.

From our dreams to yours — Join us on a mystery tour of the preconscious. The dreamscapes here at Corpus Collusion feature stylish citizens outfitted with the latest in anachronous gadgetry. The Dream Log juxtaposes spartan interface elements with Rococo richness to simultaneously focus and inspire.

Kathy: "I come from a long line of dreamers, those who place value on the inquiry into truth and beauty. Deepening understanding of one allows you to gain insight into the other. Cataloging my musings helps me to know myself, as Socrates urges. Typing on a damask shell, I am truly amazed at how freeing it is to look into the void as I envision what’s next. I find myself having more creative thoughts when writing in The Dream Log, and I hope you will, too."

Vibrata: "I kept a daily journal for years and it aided me greatly in my painting. Just keeping myself making things in a different medium kept me in the zone. I'm happy that now I can get that practice going again, and if inspiration strikes at 3AM, I can turn on the iPad but not the lights."

Share your dreams with others using The Dream Log.