Main View
Add a new entry to the Dream Log.
Choose the font for the current entry.
Activate or deactivate the alarm.
Expand the Timepiece widget to set the alarm. See Feature map #2.
Select your preferred skin for each individual entry.
Sort your entries with the most recently written entry at the top, or the one you most recently viewed.
Tap an entry to view or edit it. The entry you are currently viewing will be highlighted.
Collapse or expand the Search bar. Here you can type in a search term. The entries containing the term will appear in the left entry panel.
This is your main entry text. Tap within the entry to edit. Drag or pinch two fingers here to change the font size.
Collapse or expand the tool chest. See Feature Map #3 for descriptions of the individual tools.
Instantly lock the Dream Log. The lock icon will be absent when the lock is disabled.