The Dream Log For iPad
Now With Retina Display Graphics

For Immediate Release (OAKLAND, CA)
February 28th, 2013

Corpus Collusion today upgraded its beautiful writing tool, The Dream Log, for Retina Display. This stylish journal provides six luscious backdrops to inspire imaginative thought and pair with preconscious musings. For both creative writers and dream recorders alike, thirteen delightful chimes can wake users from slumber. The Dream Log for iPad is available from the iTunes App Store for the surreal price of $1.99.

"Corpus Collusion designs software as visually sleek as the iPad itself," said company co-founder and visual designer Vibrata Chromodoris. "The iPad's Retina Display is a pleasure to work with, and I know our users are getting exactly the rich sensory experience I intend."

The Dream Log makes it easy to keep a creative writing practice current. Whether journalling dreams, as consciousness explorers such as Jung recommend, or chronicling the day’s affairs, writing every day is a popular inspirational device in the creative person’s toolkit. Features such as low-contrast themes and an alarm clock facilitate a morning writing practice.

The included alarm clock features thirteen chimes, an intuitive interface, and an anachronous styling. Its ambient tones were specifically chosen to keep the last moments of the user's dreams from shifting into nightmares. To set the alarm time, the user simply drags the clock hands. The fantastic styling of the clock face inspires dreaming of other worlds, and the clock shifts colors, too, to match motif.

The Dream Log serves as a 21st century writing tool, taking advantage of modern technology unavailable in a bound paper journal. The user can organize entries by date created or last opened, with calendar days rendered to merge into the background. Each entry keeps its own theme and font choice. Fonts are styled in bold for onscreen legibility, but export in normal weight via email, print, or PDF. Users can share their entries via Facebook, LiveJournal, or Blogger. Version 1.5 also adds the ability to sort by year in a fun collapsable view.





Chromatically Calibrated Motifs


✧ Six low-contrast skins
✧ Delightful animations
✧ Interface widgets complement themes by color.


Antykytheric Signaling Timepiece


✧ Thirteen ambient chimes.
✧ Set alarm directly by moving the clock hands.
✧ Automatically repeats each day.


Easy Entry and Management


✧ Pinch-zoom to adjust font size.
✧ Swipe two fingers to turn pages.
✧ Works well with Bluetooth keyboard.
✧ Swipe to delete list entries.
✧ Auto-saves three times per minute.




✧ Paper
✧ Email
✧ Live Journal
✧ Facebook
✧ Blogger




✧ Instant search results.
✧ Sort entries by date created or last viewed.
✧ Select a word to find an interpretation on the web.


Multinational Support


✧ Non-roman fonts let you write in your native language.
✧ Calendar days rendered by region.



Further Information

App Home Page



Corpus Collusion was founded in 2009 to develop smart software for iOS devices — offerings both stylish and ingenious. Company co-founder Kathy Tafel is a Mac industry innovator with nearly a decade of experience at Apple. Company co-founder Vibrata Chromodoris is a fine artist whose work has been seen around the world. The Dream Log follows the successful launch of Corpus Collusion’s debut app, The Recipe Box.



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