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Q: Can I change the date of my entry?
A: Absolutely. In the main window, double tap the date. Select the month, day and time from the picker wheel. If you want to change the year of the entry, instead of double tapping, tap and hold on the date, and a picker wheel with year included (but not the time) will pop up.

Q: Can I temporarily disable the lock, then turn it back on later without resetting the passcode?
A: Absolutely. Navigate to the Lock Console through the key icon in your toolset (or the lock icon at the bottom of this screen). Use the on/off switch in the center of the console.

Q: How do I change the font size in my entry?
A: Pinch and drag two fingers in the main body of your entry.

Q: How do I access the panel with my entry list and alarm when my iPad is vertical?
A: Tap the Dream Log logo.

Q: My alarm didn't go off (or, it did, but I didn't hear it). What happened?
A: You'll have to check your main iPad sound settings. There's an option to have the sound of alerts be affected by the volume buttons. If you have that on, and your iPad is muted, you won't hear your alarm.

Q: Can I publish my entries to Facebook, or to my blog?
A: Yes! Right now we support publishing to Facebook, LiveJournal and Blogger. See the Tutorial for more instructions.
Q: How do I use the Dream Interpretation tool?
A: Hold your finger down on a word you want to interpret (or double tap on it). You'll see some buttons appear: "Select, Select All, Paste". Choose Select. With the word selected (it will have a blue rectangle around it), open the tool set and select the eye icon. A browser window will open within the Dream Log and show you links to websites that have dream interpretations that include that word.
Q: I'm having trouble with setting the time using the clock face.
A: This might be harder for people with large fingers. You definitely need to be accurate with grabbing the ends of the clock hands. We're working on making this easier, but for now, a little practice might help.

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