Emailing & Importing

The Recipe Box now features recipe exchange via email. Hooray, we are super excited to be able to send recipes to each other. Have a favorite recipe? Try out the new feature by emailing it to us. We’d love to see what you’re cooking.


Some caveats:

Many email servers have an attachment limit of 5MB, so The Recipe Box optimizes for this. If you email more than 19 recipes from the Browse list, The Recipe Box does not include recipe pictures. To send pictures, select fewer than 20, by using bookmarks, search, or categories to filter the list.


Also, the program will only attach videos to email if they are less than 5MB, and you send them one at a time from Cook mode. If you send recipes from browse mode, The Recipe Box never adds the video.


Finally, The Recipe Box does not send its own recipes in Browse mode. So if you include one of our recipes, it will look like you aren’t mailing the whole category. So any recipes from our collection won’t count towards that 19 at a time limit on pictures. You can mail them one at a time from Cook mode.

  • 1. You can email a single recipe, a found set, or the entire library. To email from Cook mode, tap the share button. Then email. You’ll see the recipe and card attached to it, with images and video included, if you’ve added them. The Recipe Box will not email video that’s larger than 5MB (about a minute).

  • 2. To email from Browse mode, tap the email envelope at the bottom of the screen. You can choose to include just the recipe words, or just a file of cards for importing, or both. If you choose to email more than 25 recipes, The Recipe Box will not include images. Use bookmarks, search, or categories to filter the list you see if you want to enclose pictures.

  • 3. Import Did some kind person send you a recipe? It’s very easy to add them to The Recipe Box. Tap the attachment in your email, and then open the file with The Recipe Box.

  • 4. You’ll see a blank browse list as the recipes import, then the recipes will show up. Just tap one of the headings in the Browse menu to find other recipes.

  • 5. Tip To see your recently imported recipes in list view, sort it by “Newest.”