Import From the Web (iPad)

If you collect recipes online you already know how amazing it is to copy a recipe into the Recipe Box. Well, with Basic or Instant importing it's now a whole lot easier. (You're welcome!)


Start with the Basic Importing Tutorial, or skip to Instant Importing Tutorial

If you have a favorite website that you often collect recipes from, send us the URL and we can include it in a future update.

  • 1. Just as you would for adding a recipe manually, tap the Add icon in the lower right to get you to the entry screen.

  • 2. Type an ingredient, several ingredients, or a recipe name into the Search Bar in the upper left corner. Then tap Search on the keyboard. This will activate the web-view screen and take you to a Google page with your search results.

  • 3. You can now surf through links anywhere on the web to find a recipe you like. The arrows to the left of the Search Bar are for navigating. You can go back to the default entry screen any time by tapping the Toggle View button, or cancel to go back to Browse or Cook mode.

  • 4. Once you find a recipe you like, you're now ready to import it. If the Instant Import button (upper left, below the search bar) lights up, your recipe is on a website that is supported by the Recipe Box Instant Import function. Skip ahead in this tutorial for what to do next.

    If not, start by selecting some text. Tap and hold until the blue selection highlight appears, and stretch it to fit around all the text you want to import. I like to start with the title.

  • 5. A bubble will appear above the cursor with the Copy option, which is for the Copy & Paste Method outlined in this other tutorial. At the bottom there's a special Capture toolbar. Select Title, and a checkmark will appear to let you know the text you selected has been imported into the Title field in the Recipe Box.

  • 6. Now you can select all the text you want to import as ingredients. Stretch the blue highlight around the list of ingredients and tap Ingredients in the Capture toolbar. Done! Next....

  • 7. Repeat the procedure for the recipe directions.

  • 8. If there's a photo, double-tap on the photo until you see a bubble asking you to Capture Image To Recipe. Tap on that, and your friendly checkmark will appear again.

  • 9. Importing the source URL is as easy as tapping Source in the Capture toolbar. The link will be accessible through the About tab when you're in Cook mode.

    Repeat for the Servings and Calories data. The Calories capture button will only respond to a numerical selection.

  • 10. Now use the Toggle View button to go back to the default Entry screen to check your imported data. You can go back and forth between Web View and Entry View to copy in the number of servings, prep and total time, and calories. Don't forget to add categories, to make your recipe easy to find again later!

  • 11. Tap Save to save your newly imported recipe and exit back to Cook or Browse mode.

Instant Import

  • 12. Tapping the Instant Import button will capture the page source URL, recipe title, photo, ingredients, directions, and if they're available, the number of servings, prep and total time, and number of calories per serving - in one step! Amazing!

    A clickable list of supported websites can be found by tapping the Bookmarks icon to the right of the search bar.

  • 13. You will then view the captured data in default Entry mode. While you're there, add those ever-so-important categories, and maybe even bookmark it for later, or add the ingredients to your shopping list. All that's left after that is to tap Save.

Tips and Tricks

  • 1. Some websites might be tricky to select text from because of ads and other features. A good work-around is to see if there's a "Print this recipe" link, which gives you the recipe on a new webpage that's stripped down to bare text. It's often much easier to copy from!

    2. If the recipe you're importing doesn't include a picture, try using an Image Search. Tap the image placeholder in Entry mode and the menu will include a Search command. Selecting that will bring you into Yahoo Image Search results using the title of your recipe as the search term.