It took awhile to get going with this practice. I consulted only with my very closest people, who assured me that not only was I knowledgable enough and compassionate enough, but that my natural tendancies to enjoy bossing people around would be perfect for coaching.

They're absolutely right, bless them, about my bossiness. But when I coach, I mostly listen, and ask questions. I listen for clues to where beliefs that don't serve are being held. I listen for places where there are deep longings for something to be different. I ask the kinds of questions that get blown right past most of the time.

The first session is an in-depth survey, with sneaky ways to examine how you think you measure up to the image of the ideal artist's life. We'll get a sense very quickly of where we can start working. It takes at least an hour.

If your intention is to get better at dealing with clients, contracts, copyright law, setting prices, marketing etc., I'm definitely able to add that in. In November 2022 I completed an intensive training course to learn the business of being an artist, hosted by the Center for Cultural Innovation.


Yes, a writer / photographer / musician / actor / painter / sound healing vocalist / contact improv dancer is an artist. Yes, you can come to me if you've never been paid to make art. Yes, you can come to me if you've been a professional artist since forever.

If you once thought you were an artist, but now you're not so sure, I can work with you. If you've been waiting for the right time to become an artist and you feel like that's now, I can work with you. If your art practice makes you angry / sad / frustrated / horny / hungry...I can work with you.


My sessions are virtual.  We can schedule sessions as often as you'd like. I recommend at least once a month. Weekly is ideal.

07.12.2022 - My pricing is currently on a sliding scale, and my schedule is flexible. Reach out to me soon!